June Kamerling

fitness professional

Owner… El Cerrito Fitness

Bay Area

I”m new to the “Miss Smith Club”.
I”d been hearing about Miss Smith’s Performance Classes for several years but
my interest was truly sparked when she played/directed my friends Cabaret show last year.
Having now attended 3 classes, worked privately with Miss Smith and hired her to play at my 65th birthday party
I am a true believer, loyal fan and follower.  I’ve learned so much in the few times I’ve worked with Stephanie.  
She has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone….no, not encouraged….DARED ME!!!
In the short time I've known Miss Smith my confidence and courage and the way I look at my songs
has grown immensely.  
So excited to have this amazing person/friend/teacher in my life.

Maria Diamond

cabaret specialist

age 90

She is very committed to getting the best out of her students so they are not just a
singer but a true entertainer.
She loves was she does and I always walk away from her class with one more pearl
of wisdom.

Gerri Koppa

retired nurse

hospice volunteer

I have sung in many adult choruses over the past 30 years and had never given thought to solo performances until recently. I started taking Miss Smith’s Performance Classes as a way of improving not only my sound but to give me confidence in my changing voice and body. Each student has a opportunity to perform in a safe and rewarding environment. I feel as though I am undergoing a transformation and I know it is a direct result of her tutelage and support.